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Amelia Sweet Bluebird has been singing for as long she can remember. She hails from the Chicago area, and has toured throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. She uses her voice to perform traditional folk music,  social protest songs, and spirituals, as well as to convey her deep love and connection to nature.  Sweet Bluebird shares originals with earthy power-infused spirituality.

Sweet Bluebird's EP Soul Songs was released on October 17, 2016, and is available digitally via bandcamp, physically at local performances, and via E-Mail upon request.  Soul Songs is a collection of traditionals and originals, first and foremost sharing Sweet Bluebird's vocals.  Songs range from a jazzy version of "I'll Fly Away" to a wailing original about relationships entitled "Empty Vessel",  Soul Songs illuminates Sweet Bluebird's vocal versatility, and features  haunting vocals beautifully embellished by guitar, fiddle, cello, thunder drum, and drone flute.

Sweet Bluebird has appeared multiple times live on  89.9FM WORT, Madison, Wisconsin's  independent radio station, and she has performed with Claudia Schmidt at  the Two Way Street Coffee House in Downers Grove, Illinois. She thrives on singing at community-oriented events, sharing her music with enthusiastic listeners at Unitarian churches,  house concerts, and local cafes. Through her spirituality, humor, and love of song, Amelia Sweet Bluebird brings her musical vision of community and beauty to all venues.